We collaborate with tannery based in northern Italy. This company produces high-quality leathers in a responsible way.

This tannery goes beyond the current standards in Europe. It has chosen to be a model of sustainable development for more than 10 years. The average solvent consumption is 65% below the legal limit. The water treated at the tanning outlet is 99% pure.

We only use Full grain leather for making our bags. It is the top layer of the skin. It has kept its original surface and thickness. This is the most noble material and the softest to the touch. It is this leather that we use. The lower part of the skin is called Leather Crust. It is often covered with a layer of plastic imitating leather. It is found on low-end leather goods and not on Ateliers Auguste items.

After being cleaned, the skins are tanned to make the leather rot-proof. The skins run with water and tanning agents in large barrels called fullers. We chose mineral tanning made from chromium salts to make it supple, elastic and resistant to water and light. 

Many mechanical tests are carried out in order to guarantee the leather a durable and irreproachable quality.